Xango Problems: Why Most Xango Distributors Struggle With their Business

by Chuck

What are the common Xango problems? Let me start by telling you that most Xango problems are not with the company itself. From what I found online, Xango has its act together. It has great products, ships them on time, and pays its distributors on time.

The most common Xango problems are:

1) No Leads: Most distributors don't know what to do once they work through their warm market. After they approach their friends and families they don't know what to do. Since most upline sponsors aren't trained on proper lead generation techniques, they simply tell their team to use the three foot rule and talk with everyone they meet.

2) Poor Cash Flow: It takes a while to build a significant residual income with Xango. To earn several thousand dollars per month, you will probably need an active team of several hundred Xango distributors. The immediate profits with Xango are when you have retail customers. Since most distributors don't have any personal retail customers, they have cash flow problems. They normally spend more money in expenses than they have in revenue. As a result, they go broke and quit Xango within 2-3 months.

3) No Customers: This goes hand in hand with problem number two. The biggest Xango Problem is that most distributors are taught to focus on recruiting distributors, not acquiring retail customers. Since most distributors don't have any customers, they don't earn any retail profit. The retail profit is great, if you have a strong customer base. Without customers (and without a large team) you won't earn enough to even cover your auto-ship costs.

Fortunately, most of these Xango problems can be overcome. Your secret to success is your commitment to learn and develop new skills. You can start by finding a mentor. If your Xango sponsor doesn’t know what they are doing, look upline until you find someone successful who is willing to help you.

If you can’t do that, you need to learn on your own. One of the best ways to learn on your own is to study successful people. That’s how I got started on my path to personal development. And I credit most of my success to Mike Dillard.

He’s helped people in just about every different company achieve success. If you want to shorten your learning curve click here to overcome your Xango Problems!

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