What is the Number One MLM Company?

by Chuck

What is the number one MLM Company? In terms of sales, the number one MLM Company is Avon. Some of the other large (in terms of yearly revenue) network marketing companies include Amway, Herbalife, and Mary Kay. In fact, there are only a few MLM Companies that surpass the BILLION dollar mark. And that’s no small feat.

Please remember this. You can succeed or fail with any company. The company itself is not the answer to your troubles. The most important question you need to ask yourself is “How am I going to sell the product and build a sales organization?” and “What types of lead generation and marketing systems does the company offer?” These factors are true indicators of your potential success.

Whether you are affiliated with the number one MLM Company in the world or not is irrelevant. In your mind, you must think your current company is the number one MLM Company. You must be passionate about the products and business opportunity. If you aren’t, you’re headed for failure. Remember, people never join a business opportunity. Instead, they JOIN YOU. Therefore, you must be the type of sponsor they would want to join.

To achieve success with any company, you need a game plan. You need systems for lead generation, prospecting, follow-up, retailing products, sponsoring new distributors, training new distributors and more. Most network marketers fail because they don’t have a good system, or they don’t follow the system.

To get started, you should find a mentor. That can be your sponsor, or someone successful in your upline. Even if they aren’t a top producer, you can learn from them. Once you’ve surpassed them, you need to find another mentor, higher up in the food chain. You should work with each mentor until your surpass their earnings level with the company.

If your current company already has systems in place, you should follow the systems. If your current company (or line of sponsorship) doesn’t offer these systems, you should create your own systems or look for another opportunity (or line of sponsorship) that has these systems.

Remember, the MLM Company itself is not the answer to your troubles. Many people jump from company to company every 6-12 months, looking for better results. What these distributors don’t realize is that “they are the problem,” not the company.

In conclusion, the number one MLM Company is Avon. I’m not saying it’s the best company, but it is the biggest in terms of yearly revenue. Whatever MLM Company you are currently affiliated with is really the number one MLM Company. In other words, you must be passionate about your business opportunity and products and believe in what they have to offer.

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