Visalus Success Tips: A Simple and Effective Visalus Success Strategy

by Chuck

Are you looking for Visalus Success Tips? Do you need a simple Visalus Success Strategy you can follow to make more money with your Visalus business? If you answered "yes" to either of those questions, I’m here to offer you a few simple Visalus Success Tips. Let’s get started.

1) Use the Products: If you are serious about your Visalus business, you need to use your own products. Not only will it give you good product knowledge, but it will also give you belief in the products.

2) Enroll People Every Month: Customers are the lifeblood of your Visalus business. At a minimum, you need to find 2-4 NEW customers each month. And you should try to sponsor 2-4 new distributors every month.

3) Manage Your Cash-Flow: DO NOT go in debt to build your Visalus business. Keep your expenses to a minimum, so you can keep a positive cash-flow. Do not buy business cards; get a fancy website, a toll-free number, or any of those extra things until you have ENOUGH retail profits to pay for it.

4) Lead with the Products First: Let’s face it. Most people don’t want to get involved with network marketing or start any type of home based business. If you always pitch the business opportunity first, it’s hard to get someone to become a customer if they have already said no to the business opportunity. But if you lead with the products first, you have a better chance of success. More people are concerned about their health and want to lose weight. If you can show them how to do that, they might become a customer and might even want to eventually upgrade to a wholesale buyer or business builder.

5) Meet 1-2 Prospects Each Day: Make it a goal to meet at least one new prospect each day. Collect business cards from your prospects rather than handing out business cards. Strike up conversations with people you meet.

6) Focus on Your Target Market: If you are looking for customers, your target market is people who are concerned about their health. Remember, just because someone needs to lose weight doesn’t mean they want to. You have a better chance of getting more customers if you talk to people who are very health conscious. On the other hand, if you are looking for people to sponsor as distributors, my best advice is to talk to other network marketers, sales professionals, entrepreneurs or highly successful people.

7) Think Long Term: Rome wasn’t built in a day. I think it’s much wiser to take the turtle approach, than the snare. If you expect to get rich quick, you will be disappointed. Instead, you need to think long term, but do something to build your business each day.

8) Have Fun: No one wants another job. And no one wants to work with a sour-puss. You need to have fun with your Visalus business. If it isn’t fun, no one will want to join your team.

9) Be a Student of Your Business: All serious entrepreneurs are students of their business. That means you must know your products, you must understand marketing, you must study network marketing success principles, and so much more. You need to read, listen to tapes, attend training and do whatever else you can do to improve your product and business knowledge.

10) Focus on the Important Activities First: Don’t waste your time on activities that don’t produce the results you want. The most important activities are recruiting, sponsoring, showing the business presentation, training your downline and finding customers. All other activities come SECOND to these activities. Spend at least 90% of your available time on the most important activities.

In conclusion, these are my Visalus Success Tips. You can use them as your own Visalus Success Strategy to grow your business, reach your goals, and make more money. Good luck!

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