Visalus ESS: an Overview

by Anisha

The Visalus ESS (Executive Success System) is a "kit" that new distributors can purchase when they first join Visalus. The kit costs $499, plus shipping to purchase. This cost is in addition to the sign up fee.

Here are the Visalus ESS Kit Contents:

- $500+ worth of products
- Welcome guide
- Marketing materials
- 30 Day free trial to Vi Net Marketing ($29 value)
- 6 Visalus taster packs
- Online Success Library
- Access to Bimmer Club
- And much more!

According to the company website, the ESS Kit has a retail value of $1,125.

When you purchase the Visalus ESS Kit, you can qualify for the Rising Star Bonus (Enroller's Pool)along with the BMW Bonus. If you don't purchase the kit, you won't be able to qualify for either of these things.

Most "serious" prospects are taught to purchase the ESS Kit when they sign up. In fact, many distributors "push" the kit on their prospects because they know how profitable it will be for their business.

If you are thinking about getting started with Visalus, and you want to build a large business, I would highly recommend the Visalus ESS Kit. While it's not mandatory for success, it will enable you to qualify for extra money.

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Jan 01, 2013
I Should Have Bought a Visalus ESS Kit
by: Ted

I should have purchased a Visalus ESS Kit when I first joined the company. At the time, my sponsor didn't really explain the significance of the kit to me. They didn't purchase it when they joined the company and they didn't feel it was all that important.

Sadly, I listed to their advice and chose the "basic distributorship." My first three months in the business I didn't sponsor anyone. After about 90 days I decided to get serious about my business.

Within a few short months of making that decision I had 22 distributors personally enrolled and a team of more than 100 distributors and 80 retail customers. Had I purchased the ESS Kit when I first signed up, I would have qualified for an additional several thousand dollars in bonuses.

I guess hind sight is 20-20. All I can tell you is "if you are serious about your Visalus Business, or think you will be one day, get the ESS Kit when you first sign up." The benefits greatly outweigh the cost.

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