Traci Lynn Jewelry Compensation Plan

by Chuck

Traci Lynn Jewelry Compensation Plan

Traci Lynn Jewelry Compensation Plan

What do you need to know about the Traci Lynn jewelry compensation plan? Let me start by telling you that Traci Lynn Jewelry is a direct sales company specializing in fashion jewelry. When you become an independent distributor, you can sell the products (for a profit) and build a sales organization. In essence, those are the two ways to make money with the Traci Lynn Jewelry compensation plan.

As a Traci Lynn jewelry consultant, your first job is to get customers. These are people who purchase the Traci Lynn products directly from you at the suggested retail price. When you make sales, you earn a profit, which is the difference between the price you bought the products for and the price you sold them for. The wholesale/retail markup is 50%. So if you sell $100 worth of products, you can expect to earn a $50 profit. Not bad!

You can also earn money by building a downline. This is the process of helping other people start their own Traci Lynn jewelry business. The best way to find new distributors is from your happy customers. Additionally, you can meet potential distributors by always keeping your eye open for sharp people, such as entrepreneurs, sales people, stay at homes, and self-motivated folks.

When you sponsor new distributors, you make money by helping them sell products and sponsor other distributors. The whole business boils down to using the products yourself, finding new customers and teaching your downline distributors to do the same thing.

Some distributors earn a substantial full-time income with the Traci Lynn jewelry compensation plan. And others simply supplement their job income to have some extra money. Ultimately, what you decide to do is up to you.

In conclusion, the Traci Lynn Jewelry compensation plan is a great way to make extra money. Ultimately, you get paid to sell the products and build a sales team. Your key to success, in any business, is to find lots of great customers and provide outstanding customer support. If you can do that, you will make money with your own Traci Lynn jewelry business.

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Jun 01, 2014
Qualified Consultant in 2 days
by: Deborah A.

I contacted Traci Lynn via the website leaving a inguiry. A TL Director contacted me the next day offering me a challenge, stating, if I could sell $500.00 by the end of Memorial Day weekend, she would give me an extra $150.00 in jewelry at retail value. She connected me with a Consultant in my city who gave me 2 catalogs and a few order forms. I took them to work and introduced my co-workers to the Traci Lynn line. On the second day I contacted the Director informing her I'd met my goal selling over $600.00 in retail value. The beauty of this story is I didn't use my own money to become a Qaulified Consultant in just 2 days. If the determination is within, you can make it happen for you too. In any business you gain what you're willing to put into the business.

Mar 05, 2013
I Made $750 My First Month with Traci Lynn Jewelry!
by: Chantel

I made $750 my first month with Traci Lynn Jewelry! I've been in the direct selling industry for almost 12 years now. I recently joined Traci Lynn Jewelry after deciding to leave my previous company.

In my first month, I sold almost $3k worth of jewelry. After I deducted my sign up cost, marketing expenses, travel expenses and inventory expenses I earned $750 in net profit my first month. Not bad for working my business about 10 hours per week.

If I make the same amount of sales next month, I will net even more profit since many of my expenses this month were one time expenses. I really like the Traci Lynn Jewelry compensation plan. I think a 50% retail profit, plus other bonuses, is a great way to earn some extra income.


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