Tips for Selling Tupperware

by Chuck

In this short article, I want to share some tips for selling Tupperware. Please know that Tupperware is a very successful direct sales company that produces quality products. Just about everyone I know has heard of the Tupperware brand, and even owns a few pieces. This makes selling Tupperware fairly easy to do.

Listed below, I want to share some helpful ideas so you can get better results selling Tupperware.

# 1 Be Your Best Customer

I think you should be your own best customer. If you owned a Ford Dealership, you wouldn't drive a Chevy. Does that make sense? If you are a Tupperware consultant, you should use your own products. If Tupperware makes it, you should own it.

# 2 Product Knowledge

When you are talking with prospects, you need good product knowledge, so you can help them find solutions to their challenges. The best way to do this is to use the products yourself. But you should also visit the company website, study the sales material and familiarize yourself with the benefits and functions of each product.

# 3 Be Consistent

If you want to sell more Tupperware, you need to be consistent. That means you need to talk to prospects every day. You need to share catalogs, meet new people, and book parties. Massive action equals massive results.

# 4 Use the Party Plan

The party plan is the best way to sell Tupperware. You can schedule in home parties with friends and family. At the parties, you can expect to sell $500 to $1,000 worth of Tupperware. You can book follow-on parties with excited guests.

These four steps will help you generate more money selling Tupperware. Your real key to success is to get started and treat your Tupperware business like a real business. Do something to grow your business every single day, and you will succeed.

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