Shaklee Success Online Tips to Create Your Own Shaklee Blog

by Chuck

Are you trying to achieve Shaklee success online? If so, you are not alone. Most Shaklee distributors are struggling to grow their business because they don’t understand how to use the internet to grow their Shaklee business. Most new distributors don’t understand how to generate leads, prospect, or follow-up with people. Hopefully, I can give you a few pointers so you can achieve Shaklee success online. Let’s begin.

First and foremost, you need your own Shaklee blog or website. You want to create a generic website about your company, the products, successful distrubotrs, or something of that nature. If Shaklee prevents you from using their name in your website, that’s okay. You don’t have to mention the company name at all. Simply create a generic website that promotes you as a network marketer. Never make the mistake of using a Shaklee company replicated website (or any other company website). That is a recipe for disaster.

Next, focus your time and energy on creating great content for your Shaklee blog. Write articles. Create videos. By doing so, your blog will get free traffic from the search engines. Once you have some good content, focus on promoting your Shaklee blog. You can use paid or free advertising techniques.

When you get visitors to your Shaklee blog, have an opt-in form where they can enter their name and email. Or have a page where people can request more information. This will allow you to generate Shaklee leads. When you get leads, follow up with them with a phone call or email. Find out what their goals are. If they are interested in learning more about what you have to offer, introduce them to the Shaklee products or business opportunity.

Finally, you want multiple streams of income on your Shaklee blog. This will help put immediate profits into your pockets while you are building your Shaklee business. Several examples include Google AdSense®, affiliate products, leads, etc. By following the steps outline above, you can generate your own profitable Shaklee blog and you will achieve Shaklee success online.

The days of hassling everyone you know about your business opportunity can be over soon. Stop being the hunter. Become the hunted instead. I hope that helps. If you have questions, leave a comment to this post. Thank you.

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