Shaklee Business Review

I love the Shaklee business, and I’m not even affiliated with the company. In my opinion, the Shaklee business is one of the top ten multi-level marketing business opportunities available. The company features all the essential elements of a great MLM company. They have a great product at a great price. The company has an outstanding reputation. The company has a great leadership team, a strong financial backing and sound compensation plan. And the company offers outstanding support to its independent distributors.

That’s why I decided to write a review of the Shaklee business and Shaklee products. I want to educate my readers about good business opportunities. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to give you an unbiased overview of the Shaklee business and Shaklee products.

Company Information

The Shaklee Corporation is a multi-level marketing company that manufactures products and sells the products through an independent sales force. The company was one of the first network marketing companies in the United States. It has stood the test of time with other direct selling companies such as Amway, Avon and Watkins.

The company was founded by Dr. Forrest Shaklee, Sr. in 1956. Located in Pleasanton, California, Shaklee currently operates in seven markets: the United States, Canada, China, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, and Taiwan. According to its website, the company currently has approximately 750,000 independent distributors.

Shaklee is an environmental friendly company. During the past couple years the company has received countless awards, to include the 2009 Green Power Leadership Award, 2009 Clean Air Award, 2009 Business Environmental Award for Sustainability. In previous years, the company achieved many similar awards. As a result, the company is endorsed by many famous people and politicians to include President Bill Clinton, Dan Esty (author), Dr. Jeffrey Sachs (author) and Dr. Wangari Maathai (Nobel Peace Prize laureate). As of 2010, Roger Barnett is the Chairman and CEO. As of today, it is a privately owned company.

Shaklee Products

Shaklee is the number one natural nutrition company in the United States. That’s quite impressive. One thing I really admire about Shaklee is that they do not test products on animals. In addition, the company produces a great product line. Some of its core products include nutrition, home-care, weight management and skin care. I’ve found several customers online who have purchased products for 30+ years. What’s more impressive is that these customers aren’t distributors for the company. They’re simply retail customers. That says a lot.

Some of their key products include air purification, water purification, Fresh Laundry concentrate, Get Clean, Prosante hair care, Daily Essentials and Cinch. Bottom line up front: If you’re looking for high quality products at a reasonable price, you should consider Shaklee products.

Shaklee Business Opportunity

As I mentioned before, Shaklee is a multi-level marketing company. That means that the company pays its independent sales force to sell its products. The company doesn’t use paid advertising. Instead, independent distributors earn retail profits and commissions when they sell products to others.

To make money in Shaklee, and any other MLM business opportunity, you must build a large customer base and sponsor new distributors. When you sponsor new distributors, you must teach them to build a large customer base and sponsor new distributors. By repeating this process, you can produce a significant income.

New Shaklee distributors are trained by their sponsor. In most cases, they don’t receive very good training. They are taught to prospect friends and family members. Very seldom will they learn how to use the internet to build a large business. I’ve found that just about every MLM company (not just Shaklee) teaches “old school” MLM recruiting techniques. Although these methods can work, it’s not the only way to recruit new distributors.

Please realize that Shaklee itself does not train its independent Shaklee distributors. Instead, its distributors train its distributors. Very few MLM companies train their distributors. Thefore, I'm not knocking the company in the statement above. Instead, I think Shaklee distributors need to do a better job training their new recruits.

Final Thoughts

If I had to pick one thing I really admire about the Shaklee business, it’s the reputation. If you search the Internet, you won’t find many Shaklee horror stories. You won’t find many disgruntled former distributors who create blogs and articles “denouncing” the company. That’s a good sign. For any company to be in business for 50+ years is also a good sign. Obviously, Shaklee is doing something right.

In conclusion, I believe the Shaklee business is a viable business opportunity for anyone willing to work hard and think long-term. It is a proven, time-tested company with a great reputation. It produces great products and has a great leadership team. The secret to success is to find lots of retail customers and sponsor lots of new distributors. You also need a good sponsor. If you can do that, you will build a profitable Shaklee business.

On a side note, if you are a happy customer or distributor, I would love to hear from you. Please share your Shaklee product testimonial or personal success story. Just type in your 150+ word story in the web-form below. If approved, it will be available for the rest of our online community to read and comment on. Thanks.

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