Rich Niccolls MLM Top 200 Blog Review Testimonial

by Chuck

The MLM Top 200 blog is pretty cool. I learned about the blog while I was doing an internet search. When I first checked out the blog, I was very impressed. It is owned and updated by Rich Niccolls. I really enjoy the color scheme and layout.

From what I found in the blog archives, the blog started in 2008. Since then, Rich has been very busy creating high value content for his readers. What I admire most about the MLM Top 200 Blog is that it doesn’t come across as one big sales pitch. Instead, Rich is very focused on providing quality content to his visitors.

This blog has lots of articles. In fact there are hundreds of articles about a variety of topics such as company reviews, affiliate marketing, SEO, article marketing, MLM leads, business advice and much more. Rich earns his income with his Google Adsense® and by recommending affiliate products and selling advertising on his site.

As of today, April 22, 2011, the website’s Alexa Page Rank is 916,879 with 50 inbound links. That puts his website in the top 2% of all websites online. I find that very impressive.

In conclusion, I find Rich Niccolls MLM Top 200 Blog very impressive. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should. I give it an overall 9.5 of 10. Thanks.

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