Peter Francis Vemma Australia Star Ambassador

by Chuck

Peter Francis is a very Vemma Star Ambassador. He lives in Australia with his wife. Prior to getting involved in the network marketing industry, he owned a manufacturing company that produced septic tanks. Prior to joining Vemma, he had previous experience with New Visions. New Visions was created by the same founder as Vemma.

Peter’s Vemma business is international. His business spans Europe, Australia and into the United States. He has several very successful distributors in his downline. As you can probably tell, Vemma Star Ambassador Peter Francis knows how to build a successful network marketing business. He is a great leader and true credit to Vemma, and the MLM industry.

He earns more than $500k per year with the company!

If you have ever worked with him before, I would love to hear your story. Just leave a comment to this post. Thank you.

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Jan 07, 2013
Peter Francis of Vemma is a Great Leader
by: Matt

I've worked with Peter Francis in Vemma for more than four years now. I'm about 20+ levels deep in his organization, but he has helped me a lot. He is a great leader and entrepreneur.

When it comes to network marketing, Peter Francis is the best. He is a sponsoring and retailing machine, but more importantly, he knows how to build leaders in depth. He spends most of his time working near the bottom of his organization. This keeps everyone motivated about their Vemma business.

If you live in Australia and are thinking about joining Vemma, do yourself a favor and contact Peter Francis. He can help you achieve success!

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