People Looking for Network Marketing Opportunities

by Chuck

Where can you find people looking for network marketing opportunities? Fortunately, there are many places you can advertise your business to meet new prospects who are interested in your products, services and/or business opportunity. Some of the best places to find people looking for network marketing opportunities include:

• Home Business Magazines

• Forums

• Chat Rooms

• Newspaper Classifieds

• Friends and Family

• Online Surveys

• People currently or formerly involved with some type of online business

• Disgruntled employees

• And many other places!

If you are trying to expand and grow your MLM business, I recommend you identify your “ideal prospect.” Do some market research on your ideal prospect. Find out what magazines they read, what websites they visit, where they hang out, and then advertise in those places.

Also, remember that it’s much better to have people contact you first, rather than you cold calling leads or prospects. That means you should advertise your product or business opportunity and follow up with the people who respond.

In summary, there are many people looking for network marketing opportunities. Your key to finding these people and sponsoring them into your downline is to advertise in places that they frequently visit. When people call your toll free number or visit your website, you want to capture their contact information and follow up with them promptly. I hope that helps.

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