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Noahs Ark Animal Workshop was started by Dina Amico-Kriescher as a personal business in 2003. Her personal success with sales led her to offer the opportunity to others in 2004, when she began recruiting a national direct sales force. The company is currently based in Illinois and has sales representatives across the United States and Canada. Ms. Amico-Kriescher is also head of Bellabeads 925, a direct sales company that offers high-quality jewelry items.

Keys to Success

To succeed as a sales representative for Noahs Ark Animal Workshop, it is clear that you will need to like children, because sales truly are geared towards them. Sales representatives are called “party leaders” at Noahs Ark Animal Workshop. They sell not only a plush stuffed animal, but a whole entertainment experience. Guests at the party will have the opportunity to bring a plush stuffed animal to “life” by hand stuffing it and making a wish on a rainbow star. (No sewing is required.)

Guests may also create a birth certificate for their new friend. Clothing and accessories for the furry creations are also available for purchase. The party hostess will have the ability to set the price of the party beforehand by choosing the plush animal and outfits that will be offered to the guests. Though grown-ups are not discouraged, the website and products are clearly geared towards young children and their parents. This experience is billed as an unforgettable birthday party, or a party for whatever child’s event or milestone you wish to celebrate.

The Business Model

Noahs Ark Animal Workshop (hereinafter referred to as NAAW) utilizes the MLM(multi-level marketing) and direct sales business model to getting their products to their customer. This distribution system relies on the services of independent sales representatives, or in NAAW’s case, party leaders. This system eliminates the need for a retail outlet for the product or services. Like any direct sales organization, their party leaders are independent contractors responsible for filing their own Federal and State Income Tax forms. In essence, they are in business for themselves, but not by themselves.

These party leaders may contact and sell to individuals face-to-face, one-on-one, by telephone, fax or email, but primary method (popular with both customers and the representatives I have met) is the on-site demonstration, otherwise called the “party-plan.” In fact, NAAW’s website indicates that the party plan is the company’s primary and preferred method of distribution. It clearly generates the most income for its sales people.

This party-plan can be one of the simplest types of business for a sales representative because the host/hostess invites friends into their home or workplace to meet the representative and purchase the products. NAAW representatives will have a very active role in the party, entertaining, demonstrating and most likely helping the young children of customers put together their new “pals”. NAAW offers over twenty-five party themes for a wide range of prices. Most of the sales appear to come from birthday parties.

How to Make Money

NAAW representatives earn income in two ways. First, they can earn up to 35% to 45% commission from their own personal sales. Second, they can earn additional income based on the sales made by representatives they have recruited, making recruiting another highly lucrative opportunity. Reps earn commissions and overrides off the people they personally recruit, the people those people recruit and so forth. As they progress through the achievement levels, reps can earn additional leadership bonuses, cash prizes and free products.

There is an opportunity to sign up to the official NAAW website; you do not need to be recruited into NAAW by an existing party leader. In this case, the company will assign you a sponsor. The start-up kits range in price from $149.00 to $1,438.00. These kits include business and training tools as well as unassembled product supplies.

Final Analysis

In my opinion, Noahs Ark Animal Workshop offers a quality product and good business opportunity. Frankly, the parties sound like they are a lot of fun; they remind me of the highly successful Build-a-Bear workshops in malls around the country. Also, there is a guarantee that there will be sales at the party; the arrangement for set products to be offered for the guests to choose from, usually children, is set ahead of time.

Additionally, the company supports its representatives with a very attractive, detailed and user friendly centralized company website to introduce potential customers to the product, and to explain the sales platform, or parties. There are some independent Noahs Ark Animal Workshop party leader websites online, but they are not necessary as the company website offers a party leader locator and also the option to go ahead and schedule a party right online.

This business is by no means a get rich quick business opportunity. Instead, you must work hard and consistently generate sales, to earn a nice income. Although some people do make a full-time living with the company, most of the reps are part-timers who join the business to supplement their income. The key to success with this company, or any other direct sales company, is to hone your sales and marketing skills. The people who make the most amount of money have lots of retail customers and a downline of independent distributors who do the same thing.

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