MLM Top Earners: Learn How to Become a MLM Top Earner

What are MLM top earners? What do they do to succeed? I would personally describe a top earner as someone who makes $10k or more per month or $100k per year with their network marketing business. However, please know that many network marketers make much more than that. Some distributors earn $100k or more per month.

When I think of my favorite top earners, I start to see patterns. In other words, they have certain personality traits, prior experiences and a work ethic that is much different than most network marketers. Here’s a brief description of the typical network marketer:

• Low Income: Many people join our industry because they are strapped for cash. They are low income earners and don’t have much money to reinvest in their business. They also don’t have much money to acquire the training they need to become successful. This puts them at a major disadvantage.

• Employee: Most network marketers are employees in everyday life. They have a day job. That also means that they tend to think like employees. They expect a paycheck, regardless of their performance. They also think short-term. And they don’t have a sense of ownership with their MLM business. They treat it like a part-time job or hobby.

• No Sales or Marketing Experience: This is a big one. Most network marketers don’t have any previous sales or marketing experience. Since network marketing is a sales and marketing business; that puts them at a disadvantage. That means they will need to learn these skills before they can ever become a MLM top earner.

• No Entrepreneurial Experience: Once again, employees and entrepreneurs think differently. Just because you are involved in this industry, doesn’t make you an entrepreneur. You have to earn that title. Without previous entrepreneurial experience, the average network marketer is at a major disadvantage. However, if they are willing to learn the ropes, they can make the transition from employee to successful entrepreneur.

Once again, these are just some of the disadvantages of the average networker. This doesn’t mean the average person can’t succeed in MLM. Instead, it just means there will be a learning curve, before they can achieve big success. If they are disciplined and willing to overcome these disadvantages, they can achieve the status of MLM top earner.

I’ve found that most MLM top earners were also successful in their previous professions. This includes doctors, lawyers, accountants, sales professionals and entrepreneurs. Therefore, when they join our industry they have two things going for them. First of all, they have the skill-set to effectively promote and grow their business. Secondly, they have a large network of professionals to share their business opportunity with. This gives them an advantage over the typical network marketer.

In addition, many MLM top earners have previous network marketing experience. Many successful network marketers have been involved in the industry for ten, twenty or thirty or more years. This gives them experience that new network marketers don’t have yet.

Personality Traits

In addition to their previous experience, top earners have different personality traits and “beliefs” than the average network marketer. Here are a few things that come to mind.

• Disciplined: MLM top earners are some of the most disciplined people I know. They work their business consistently and don’t ever make excuses. They get things done, no matter what. They do the “little things” the typical network marketer doesn’t do.

• Committed: Commitment is a key attribute to success. MLM top earners are very committed to their business. They work their business every day. They don’t join the business and say “I’ll try this and see how it works.” Instead, they do whatever it takes to succeed.

• Outgoing: Even if they are naturally intraverterd, most MLM top earners are outgoing. They are people-people. They are friendly with others and always strive to build new relationships.

• Results-Oriented: MLM top earners are results oriented. They understand that effort is important, but results are the measuring stick.

• Passionate: Most top earners are very passionate about their company and its products. They believe in what they are doing and aren’t scared to share what they have to offer with others.

• Helpful: Successful network marketers put other people first. They understand Zig Ziglar’s advice that “you can have anything you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” They understand that if they help lots of other people build a large downline, they will benefit too.

Keys to Success

What do MLM top earners do that makes them rise to the top of their organization? It’s no secret. Here are the big five!

• Longevity: Most top earners stick with the same MLM Company for ten to twenty years. That means they don’t jump ship every time there is a new MLM pre-launch. Instead, they find a good company they believe in and stick with it for a long period of time. If you look at the top earners in your company, you will see that most of them have been with your company for a long time.

• Big-Time Sponsors: Most MLM top earners are sponsoring machines. They sponsor lots of distributors. They bring in new distributors every single month. Simply put, they lead by example. They understand they probably need to sponsor 100 people to find six real good distributors. So, they go and do it!

• Depth Builders: Top earners build depth quickly. As soon as they sponsor someone, they start helping that person sponsor a couple people. Once that’s done, they start working with the new distributors. They build a leg ten, twenty or thirty people deep as quickly as they can. They understand that width gives you profitability, but depth gives you long-term security.

• Large Customer Base: Most top earners retail their product. Simply put, they have lots of customers. This increases their sales volume and gives them immediate cash in their pocket. They use this money to reinvest in their business.

• Multiple Streams of Income: Many top earners create multiple streams of income. They promote training materials or have a profitable blog or website that creates additional revenue for them.


In conclusion, a MLM top earner is someone who earns a six figure income in the multi-level marketing industry. Top earners thing differently than the average network marketer. From day one, they treat their network marketing business like a real business. They think like entrepreneurs. They work hard and consistently find new customers and sponsor new distributors. They repeat this process until they build a large organization. Finally, they team up with a good MLM company and stick with it for the long haul.

Learn more about Dean Kosage, one of my favorite MLM Top Earners!

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