MLM Success Stories

There are plenty of MLM Success Stories in our industry. Many people have gotten involved in our industry and changed their lives for the positive. Despite the MLM Horror Stories you see posted across the internet, don’t make the mistake of believing that everyone fails in MLM. Many do, but not everyone.

As I’ve mentioned before, many people fail in the network marketing industry. We have a high failure rate for several reasons. First of all, most new distributors have an employee mindset. They expect immediate results and quit within 90 days, if they don’t make any money. Also, most new distributors have never owned a business before and don’t know anything about sales, marketing or entrepreneurship.

It’s a fact; most new distributors never sponsor a single person. Heck, most never even order a product or find one retail customer. Simply put, most network marketers do nothing. As a result, they achieve nothing. Sure, some of these people claim they were duped, or complain that the system they used didn’t work, but I don’t believe it. Do you want to know why I don’t believe it? I bet you do. Here’s my answer: “No business is built in 90 days.” I’ve owned several types of businesses and all of them took time, money, energy and hard work to build.

Next, I learned a long time ago that there are three sides to every story. That includes your side, my side and the truth. Whenever you hear any of the MLM Horror Stories, please keep that in mind. You’re only hearing one person’s point of view. And their point of view might not be a FACT. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about something positive.

Some network marketers achieve modest success. They build a small to medium sized organization and find some retail customers. Many of these network marketers earn anywhere from $500 to $5,000 per month. In most cases, these people work their network marketing business part-time, in addition to their day job. Some of these networkers aspire to be top earners, but many are happy with the income that they do make.

Furthermore, some network marketers achieve huge success. Some network marketers earn millions of dollars each year. Others earn less, but still have substantial six figure incomes. Some of my favorite MLM Success Stories include:

• Mike Dillard

• Rachel Long

• Brian Fanale

• Ed Bestoso

• Dave and Jan Severn

• Bill Britt

• Stone Evans

• Dexter Yager

• Brig Hart

• Dale Calvert

• Mark Yarnell

• Michael Force

• David Wood

• & many more

These people are legends in our industry. Some of them are in the network marketing Hall of Fame, too. My advice to you is to study what these people did, rather than focusing your time and energy reading all the MLM Horror Stories online.

It never ceases to amaze me how many people will spend “hours” online researching MLM Horror Stories. They want to justify their failure in our industry by listening to other MLM Horror Stories. Instead, they should divert their time and energy to study the MLM Success Stories. Obviously, people who succeed in MLM do things differently than those who fail in MLM. Here’s what I’ve learned about the top earners who achieve six and seven figure incomes:

• They work smart and work like dogs

• They have an effective system to generate leads

• They stay with the same MLM Company for a long period of time

• They provide effective training to their downline

• They have multiple streams of income

• They think like entrepreneurs

• They are marketing gurus

This is just a few of the things that come to mind. The most important success attributes are their entrepreneurial mindset and their marketing skills. If you want to create your own success story, you should incorporate these seven attributes into your business.

In conclusion, there are many MLM Success Stories. Countless people have changed their lives for the better by getting involved in network marketing. Although there are many MLM Horror Stories posted online, you should commit your time and energy to study the top earners. Only then will you know what it takes to succeed.