MLM Resources

You can use certain MLM resources to help you grow your MLM business faster. Let's face it, all businesses need some type of tools or resources to help the business owner get ahead. In a traditional business, this normally consists of training, computer software, marketing tools, etc.

Franchises are so successful because they offer step-by-step instructions for new entrepreneurs to follow. Unfortunately, most network marketers don't have this luxury. Most network marketers have an incompetent or untrained sponsor. In addition, they don't have any other type of resources other than what their sponsor uses. This means that they will never really learn what it takes to succeed in MLM unless they figure it out themselves.

I've been involved in this industry since 2002. I'v done some things right and many things wrong. Along the way, I've been fortunate enough to find some helpful resources that helped me succeed. I know they can have the same impact in your business.

Listed below are some of my favorite MLM resources for people involved in the network marketing industry. Most of these resources I currently use myself. Others I have used in the past. They are listed in no particular order.

Attraction Marketing BluePrint

Attraction Marketing BluePrint

Learn How One Frustrated & Burned Out Introvert Discovered A Timeless Strategy That Delivers Ready-To-Buy Prospects & Distributors To You, Virtually on Auto-Pilot. This is a great course by Brad Weinman, a very successful network marketer in his own right. This course will teach you attraction marketing. You will also learn how to build credibility, what it really takes to succeed in MLM, the # 1 reason people fail, how to build your business on auto-pilot and much more. Other than "Magnetic Sponsoring" this is my favorite online Attraction Marketing Course. Click on the cover to learn more.

Supercharged Online Sponsoring

Supercharged Online Sponsoring

Learn 10 Indisputable Strategies (Including All The Fine Step-by-Step Details) To Unlock The Key To Generating Endless Leads Online and Build Your Business WITHOUT Cold Calling, Rejection, Hassling Friends and Family...and Without Spending Any Money! This is a great eBook and course by the legendary Riccardo Ferrari, a network marketer who built a team of more than 800,000 distributors.

He is a former Navy Officer and truck driver. He worked for 16 years in the “old-school" network marketing model as the #1 earner in two companies — and 11 years in the “new-school" model as #1 earner in two more companies using the internet. He had over 800,000 reps in his career and is currently earning retirement incomes from 200,000+ sized organizations. He is also one of the top recruiters in his current primary opportunity. Click on the book cover to learn more.

A MLM Blog or Website...What's Better?

Site Build It

You need your own website or blog if you want to build a large and profitable MLM business. But which is better? Find the right fit for you. If you end up choosing a theme-based website, which is what I do, you really only have one solid option. You need to create a large website with lots of content. That way, your website can rank high in the search engines and you can generate lots of free traffic. Don't go and buy cheap hosting though and build a website the regular way. If you do that, you will waste your time and money. Instead, use a program like Site Build It. That way, you can build a website that works! Click on photo to learn more about SBI.

My Favorite Auto-Responder


Every online business needs an auto-responder. And not all auto-responders are created equally. If you want an auto-responder that works, you need to use Aweber. Simply put, Aweber is the best-of-the-best. It gets your messages past the spam filters. It's easy to use and offers plenty of free training tutorials. Most importantly, it's affordable and effective. Click the photo to learn more. Aweber is one of the best MLM resources around.

What's Working Now in MLM?

What's Working Now?

Finally, another great course by Mike Dillard. In his new course "What's Working Now?" you will learn the hottest tips and trends in the network marketing industry. Discover what the top earners do, but never share with their downline. This course will blow your mind! Another one of my favorite MLM resources!

Copywriter's Course by Mike Dillard

Copywriter's Guild Course by Mike Dillard

Copywriting is a valuable skill that all network marketers need to learn. When you write persuasive ad copy, your website will do the selling for you. And you won't come across as a salesperson either. Instead, people will want to buy from you.

Unfortunately, most Americans (and people in general) don't have a clue when it comes to writing effective ad copy. As a result, they get horrible results. Or they invest thousands of dollars to have someone else write the ad copy for them.

Personally, I think it's much wiser (and more cost effective) to learn how to do it yourself. I learned most of my marketing skills and ad copy writing skills from Mike Dillard. You should study him too. He offers an effective copywriting course at a very reasonable cost. Check it out here by clicking on the photo.

Magnetic Marketing Course

Magnetic Marketing Course

There are a lot of different courses online. This one is HANDS DOWN the best course out there. Whether you own a MLM Business, an online business or a traditional business, this is the only marketing course you will ever need. You will learn MARKETING from the world's most prominent marketing guru, Dan Kennedy. This guy is my PERSONAL mentor and he has helped me build successful businesses in different industries. If I could only recommend one course on this page or on my website, it would be Magnetic Marketing by Dan Kennedy. He will teach you how to find customers, how to create multi-steps sales processes, and how to generate more leads than you know what to do with!


In conclusion, all network marketers need MLM Resources and tools to help them grow their business. Although some people succeed without them, most people need extra help to get their business going. If you haven't achieved the success you desire in MLM, maybe you should try a different approach. After all, "insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting something different to happen." So, do yourself a favor and check out some of these great MLM Resources.