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What is MLM recruiting? It is the process of meeting new people and sharing your business opportunity with them. It is a series of systematic steps designed to (1) meet people, (2) share your business opportunity and products, and (3) sign up new distributors and customers. The secret to success is two-fold. First, you must meet a large number of qualified prospects. Second, you must have a step-by-step process to convert these prospects into customers and distributors. We will cover these more in detail below.

The people who make the most amount of money in this industry are the people who are masters at MLM recruiting. Fortunately, even if you aren’t a very good salesperson, you can develop the skills you need to succeed in network marketing. Remember, everyone starts this business at the bottom. Everyone starts with no one in their downline. If you want to succeed, you must work your way to the top. Here are some tips that will help you succeed with MLM recruiting.

• Develop a Marketing Plan: To succeed at MLM recruiting you need a marketing-plan. In other words, will you focus on “internet marketing” or will you build your business the old fashioned way. Personally, I find both methods still work. It really depends on you. For the purpose of this article, we will focus on “old school techniques” such as talking to friends, family members and strangers.

Once you work through your friends and family, you need a strategy to meet new people every day. To be successful, you should strive to meet five to ten new prospects each day. This might sound hard to do right now, but it’s not. You come in contact with hundreds of people each day. If you were to strike up a conversation with just a handful of them, you would have plenty of people to share your business opportunity and products with.

I recommend you strike up a conversation with everyone you meet. Ask them how their day is going. If they are nice and respond, ask them where they are from or what they do for a living. If they respond and ask you what you do, tell them you help people become entrepreneurs. Or tell them you sell health and nutritional products. If they express interest in what you have to offer, get their name and number or business card and follow up with them a day or two later. Like I said before, this isn’t that hard to do.

• Create Your Own Personal Elevator Speech: This step goes hand-in-hand to what I just mentioned above. You need a one to three sentence “elevator speech” that you can share with prospects. The purpose of your elevator speech is to spark curiosity with your prospect. For example, here’s a simple elevator speech that I use.

“I am a home-based entrepreneur. I work from home full-time and help other people do the same. I earn an income from different internet-based companies.”

As you can tell, this will spark curiosity with anyone looking to work from home. Just don’t make the mistake of giving them too much information. You don’t want your prospect to have information overload. This is a secret in MLM recruiting. If they express interest, get their contact information and follow up with them in a day or two. If they won’t let you do that, give them one of your business cards.

Personally, I’ve found it’s much better to set up an appointment for a later date. Tell them you are busy, but you are willing to sit down with them face-to-face or give them a call at a better time.

If you have company literature such as fliers or brochures, you can hand them to the prospect. Some people use this approach. Personally, I don’t ever hand out information. First of all, this information is expensive. Second, it comes back to the point of giving the prospect too much information. You don’t want your prospect to see your brochure and say “I’ve heard of that, I’m not interested.” It’s better to sit down with them and present your entire opportunity before they have the chance to change their mind. To succeed at MLM recruiting, do whatever works for you.

• Talk to a large number of “targeted” people: The MLM business is a numbers game. Don’t ever think otherwise. If your goal is to personally sign up 50 people, you will probably need to meet 500-750 prospects. If you meet five prospects per day, you could do that in three to six months.

If you want to increase your chances for success with MLM recruiting you can look for certain types of people. I’ve found that successful people such as doctors, lawyers and accountants are great prospects. So are entrepreneurs and sales professionals. Your best prospect is someone who is financially successful and busy. These types of people are almost always looking for better ways to create additional income streams.

Also, I have found that most low income and unemployed folks are poor network marketing prospects. Sure, a few people might prove me wrong, but most of the time this will hold true. However, don’t get caught up in the “profiling” business. You never really know who will succeed. If someone expresses interest in what you have to offer, make sure you meet with them.

• Follow-up with interested prospects: I once heard that the money is in the follow-up. This is definitely true. You must make it a point to follow up with everyone you meet. The best way to follow up is face-to-face. The second best way is by telephone or in a group presentation.

• Help your new prospects repeat this process: Once you get this process mastered, you will become a master at MLM recruiting. All you need to do now is help your new distributors repeat the same process. Once you do that, you will see an enormous amount of growth in your organization.

• Create a Personal Development Plan: Looking back, the one thing that helped me most in life, and in this business, is reading self-help books. For the past eight years, I have followed my personal development plan. This consists of reading one book each week, listening to an audio-book every other day, and attending two to three seminars per year.

I think all successful network marketers have a personal development plan similar to what I just listed above. I once heard that the books you read and the people you hang out with will determine where you are five years from now. Look at your current situation. You are where you are in life right now because of the books you read and the people you associated with during the past five years.

If you don’t like your present situation in your life, do something about it. Make it a point to start reading books about sales, marketing, network marketing, communication, relationships, leadership and other similar themed books. Build a personal library. If money is tight, use your library card and get access to these books free of charge. Remember, no one cares about your own future as much as you do.

In conclusion, MLM recruiting is very easy to do. The secret to success with MLM recruiting is to develop a marketing strategy, share your opportunity with lots of targeted prospects, follow up with everyone, teach your downline to do the same and develop a personal development plan. By following these steps, you will position yourself for success in network marketing.

If you are successful at MLM Recruiting, I would love to hear your success story. How do you find new recruits? What do you say to them? What is the process you use from the time you meet them until you sponsor them? Please share your recruiting secrets with the rest of our online community. Simply type in your 150+ word testimonial in the web-form below. Thanks.

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