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What are the best MLM products? That depends who you ask. Obviously, most distributors are biased to the products they sell. However, please keep in mind that there are lots of crappy, over-priced products in the MLM industry. In some cases, you could get a similar or better product at a local retail store for a fraction of the cost.

That being said, many MLM Companies produce exceptional, high quality products. Even better, some companies have products that aren’t available anywhere else. That’s a good thing for the company’s distributors. Before you join any MLM Company, you should sample its products. I recommend you purchase two to five different products to see if they provide VALUE to its customers. Simply put, is it a quality product at a reasonable price? Would you purchase the products, even if you weren’t a distributor with the company? If you can answer “yes” you’ve found a good company to partner up with.

It’s important to remember that network marketing distributors get paid to sell network marketing products and sponsor distributors. You get paid off your personal sales, personal use and the sales volume of your downline distributors. That’s why you need a product that provides value to others. If you team up with a company with low-quality, over-priced products you hurt your chances of success.

I also think it’s also a good idea to determine what types of MLM products you’d like to sell, before you join a MLM Company. For instance, some of the common types of network marketing products available include:

• Vitamins

• Weight Loss

• Personal Care Items

• Utilities

• Phone & Internet Services

• Baskets

• Energy Drinks

• Mangosteen Juice

• Acai Berry Products

• Travel & Vacations

• Household Items

• Skin Care

• Coffee

• & More!

During the past eight years I’ve been involved with several different MLM Companies. They include Amway, Melaleuca, Watkins, Life Force International and My World Plus. Each company offered a different variety of products and services. I’ve also been a retail customer and tried products from several other MLM Companies. Here are my favorite network marketing products:

• XS Energy Drink

• Amway SA8 Laundry Detergent

• Melaleuca Herbal Shampoo

• Melaleuca Renew Lotion

• Melaleuca Alloy Body Wash

• Watkins Cinnamon

• Watkins Pepper

• Watkins Vanilla

• My World Plus Discount Card

• Xango Juice

• Avon Skin So Soft

• Mary Kay Make Up Remover Facial Cloth (my wife loves these)

Please know that there are hundreds of other high quality network marketing products that I’ve never even tried out. I’ve heard that MonaVie has some exceptional products. I’ve also heard lots of great things about Nu Skin and its skin care products. If I didn’t include a product from your MLM Company, it’s because I’ve never tried it. I realize that there are hundreds of other great companies out there I’ve never even heard about.

One of the reasons I’ve created this webpage is because I want to hear your personal story with a specific product. I want to know about your favorite network marketing products. I want to hear your product testimonials and learn why you are so passionate about a specific MLM product. On the form below, you can enter your testimonial and post in on this website. Why not share your story with others?

In conclusion, there are hundreds of MLM Companies and tens of thousands of MLM products in existence. Many MLM products are exceptional. Others are crap. Your key to success is to find a MLM Company with exceptional MLM Products at a reasonable price. If you can do that, you will position yourself for success.

On a side note, please share your favorite MLM product with rest of our online community. Tell us which product is the best. Why do you like it? What benefits does it offer? Just type in your 150+ word testimonial in the web-form below. If approved, it will be available for the rest of our community to read and comment on. Thank you.

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