MLM Elevator Speech: How to Meet Prospects in Day to Day Life

by Chuck

What is a MLM Elevator Speech? I define it as your 30 second speech you can use to respond to when people ask you what you do for a living. In essence, it is a succinct way to explain what you do. Even better, a good elevator speech will help you identify potential prospects for your business.

Here are a few examples of a MLM Elevator Speech:

• “I help people create multiple streams of income, without giving up their day job.”

• “I’m a lifestyle coach. I teach people how to have time, money and health.”

• “I teach people how to own their own life. After you subtract the time you spend at work, running errands, and living life, most people have less than one hour a day for themselves. I teach people how to take control of their life so they can do what they want to do when they want to do it.”

These are just a few short examples.

The goal of your elevator speech is to spark curiosity with your prospect. If you give your speech to someone who is looking to improve their life, your speech will work. In other words, if someone responds to your speech by saying “wow” or “tell me more” you know you have a good prospect. And if they don’t say anything at all, or respond negatively, you know the person isn’t a good prospect. It really is that simple.

The secret to using your MLM Elevator Speech effectively is to talk to lots of people. You need to initiate conversations with people in day to day life. You can start out by talking about the weather, commenting on their car or outfit, or talk about something going on locally. Get good at asking questions. After you’ve asked a few generic questions, ask the person what they do for a living. In most cases, the person will tell you what they do, and then they will then ask you what you do for a living. This is the perfect time to share your elevator speech.

Regardless of which type of network marketing company you are affiliated with, you need to develop your own MLM Elevator Speech. You can use one of the examples I provided above or you can create your own. Try to keep your speech to 1-3 sentences. Make it interesting and original. Once you have a good speech, you simply need to start talking to people on a consistent basis. The more people you talk to the more comfortable you will get and the more prospects you will find!

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