MLM Downline

MLM Downline

What is a MLM Downline? In simple terms, a MLM Downline is a group of distributors in a network marketing company. For instance, Sally decides to join a multi-level marketing company. Her friend Tony is her sponsor. Tony signs her up and helps her get started. Sally presents the business plan to her friend Amy. Amy decides to join the company with Sally as her sponsor. In this example, Amy joins Sally’s and Tony’s downline.

Next, Amy presents the opportunity to her friend Rick. Rick decides to join the company with Amy as his sponsor. At this point, Rick joins Amy’s downline. He is also part of Sally’s and Tony’s downline. This process continues on an infinite amount of levels. As you can see, it doesn’t take very long to build a big network marketing downline when you duplicate yourself through other people.

How it Works

In some MLM Companies, you can sponsor as many distributors as you want on your frontline. These distributors are placed on your “front-level.” You grow your downline fast by sponsoring lots of people on your front-line and then help several of them sponsor lots of people on their front-line. Your objective is to do this as many levels deep as you can. After they sponsor someone, you start working with that new person and help them sponsor a few people. You repeat the process minimum 10 levels deep.

Tips for Success

If you can grow your downline 10 or more levels deep, you have a great chance of achieving financial success in the MLM industry. You should have thousands of distributors in your downline. Some of the most successful distributors have 10,000 or more people in their downline.

In many cases, they only sponsored 20 to 50 of these distributors. Out of these 20 to 50 distributors, you will find two or three quality people who will really step-up to the plate and do what you did. They will build a large organization many levels deep, which gives you immediate profits and residual income. Two or three successful downline distributors can make you a millionaire.

Successful distributors look for quality people and sponsor them into their downline. When possible, they look for people with network marketing experience and try to recruit them into their downline. In many cases, these new distributors transfer their pre-existing downline from their old company into the new MLM Company. This is the fastest and easiest way to build a large downline.

In other cases, distributors just look for self-motivated people and well-connected people with a huge sphere of influence. Once they sponsor this type of person, they simply help the person share the business opportunity with their friends, family and personal network. Their ultimate goal is to help their new distributor sponsor as many people as possible.

As they help their new distributors succeed, they also grow their downline. In my opinion, that is the power of multi-level marketing. You don’t need to find hundreds of people to join your company. Instead you really need 3-5 real serious people. In order to get 3-5 serious people, you must sponsor 20-50 distributors. Once you find these people, you help them. And by helping them, you help yourself.

Why People Fail

How come some many people don’t build a large MLM Downline? The answer to that is simple. Most people don’t sponsor enough people to let duplication kick in. You will not build a large MLM Downline if you only sponsor 2-5 people. Instead, you need to sponsor 20-50 (or more) people in order to find 3-5 quality people who will build a large downline. That’s the bad news.

You Only Need a Few Good Leaders

The good news is that those 3-5 people can make you millions of dollars each year. Let me put it all in perspective. If I told you that I would pay you $1 million dollars to work hard and find 3-5 self motivated people who wanted to build a large MLM Business, could you do it? Could you handle the rejection and overcome your fear? Would you get out of your comfort zone and approach successful people who wanted more out of life? I bet you would. So, why don't you do what you know you should be doing?

Your Chances of Success

In the MLM Industry, you have a 100% chance to succeed if you are willing to learn what it takes to succeed and apply that knowledge until you do succeed. Most distributors aren’t willing to do that. Most join our industry hoping to get rich quick. They are willing to give it a try, but aren’t willing to sell out to our industry and remain 100% committed until they do succeed.

However, the people that do this build the largest MLM Downlines. They become the top earners in their company and achieve long-term, residual income. My goal is to help you build a large MLM Downline. You now know what it takes.

On a side note, if you have some MLM Downline building tips you would like to share with the rest of our community, I would love to hear from you. Just fill out the web-form below with your 150+ word story. Thanks.

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