MLM Conference: The Different Types of Network Marketing Conferences

by Chuck

MLM Conference

MLM Conference

What is a MLM Conference? I define it as a network marketing meeting with two or more people. In most cases, it involves a large group of people: over 100 distributors. Most conferences are designed to educate and/or motivate distributors. For instance, there are rallies, conventions, training seminars, opportunity meetings and other type of conferences.

Here are five different examples of a MLM Conference.

1. Company Conventions: Most MLM Companies host an annual convention where distributors meet up to learn new skills, get motivation and associate with other distributors. In many cases, these conventions can have 10k to 50k people in attendance.

2. Local Meetings: Local meetings are another form of MLM Conference. Most of the time, a successful distributor will host local meetings in his/her area at a local hotel or public place. Other distributors can attend and bring guests to learn more about the opportunity.

3. In Home Meetings: In home meetings are another type of MLM Conference. This is when a distributor conducts a party-plan, a nuts and bolt meeting, or opportunity presentation in someone’s home. This was very popular in the 1960s thru 1980s, and still works well today.

4. Webinars & Conference Calls: With the advent of technology, this is quite perhaps the most popular type of MLM Conference. Successful distributors and companies frequently host webinars and conference calls to train and support their team of distributors. Best of all, it's cheap to do.

5. One on One Meetings: These are the most common form of MLM Confernece. Most people learn about their business opportunity via a one-on-one meeting or presentation. This is when you sit down with someone face-to-face, or via telephone, to provide training or share your business opportunity.

In summary, these are five common types of MLM Conferences. Ultimately, conferences are a great way to bring people together to provide training and motivation. Whether you are a new distributor, a MLM Company, or a top earner, you should consider hosting and attending conferences to help grow your team.

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Dec 16, 2012
Amway and Visalus Conferences
by: Chuck

During my 10+ years in the network marketing industry, I have been to MLM Conferences with Amway and Visalus. Both companies had fun and energetic conferences. There was lots of success stories and training events. It was also fun to meet other successful distributors.

At the event, there were lots of generic training about having home parties, working with friends and family, and things of that nature.

But where they fall short is with online training. They don't teach you anything about blogging, generating leads online, building a list, advertising the right way, or any of these vital skills that you need to learn.

One of the best things you can do is attend private training from successful distributors. This is where you will really learn the ropes of what it takes to succeed in network marketing. Many successful distributors have their own MLM Conferences to teach people from ANY company on how to achieve success in the industry.

Most of these private MLM Conferences are very affordable, less than $500. In addition to learning new skills, you will also get to meet some of the movers and shakers in the industry. To me, the association alone is worth the price tag.

If you've never attended a MLM Conference outside of your MLM Company, you should try it sometime. I know you will enjoy it.


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