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What is MLM coffee? And what do you need to know about it? MLM coffee is the process of selling coffee via the network marketing distribution model. Rather than using the traditional business model, some coffee companies sell their coffee via independent distributors. In essence, they pay distributors to sell the products directly to consumers, via word of mouth advertising.

This is much different than the traditional business model. In today’s world, most coffee companies sell their coffee to distributors, who in return sell it to the stores, who sell it to the final customer. Each person in the distribution process earns a portion of the profit, which drives up the price of coffee. In many cases, coffee is marked up 3-10 times by the time it reaches the final consumer.

Coffee and Network Marketing

MLM Companies take a different approach. They share their profits with their independent distributors each time a sale is made. That means that you can now earn money by recommending certain brands of coffee to your friends and family. Personally, I think that’s awesome! Some of the leading network marketing coffee companies include Gano Excel, Boresha Coffee and Organo Gold. Obviously, there are several other companies too.

In my opinion, coffee and network marketing work well together. First of all, coffee is a high demand commodity product, which is consumed by most people. Even better, it’s consumed and then reordered. That means customers will reorder the product each month, which can lead to repeat orders and residual income.

Is it Right for You?

Should you partner up with a MLM coffee company? That depends on a variety of factors. First of all, how would you sell the products? If you don’t enjoy pitching products to family and friends, you probably shouldn’t get involved with direct sales.

Prior to joining a network marketing coffee company, you should do your research and find out the advantages and disadvantages of starting a MLM Coffee business, rather than starting your own coffee shop or coffee business.

Prior to joining any company, you should look for a successful distributor and join their team. Ideally, you want a distributor with effective training and lead generation systems. You want someone who has already achieved success with the company, and is willing to help you succeed. Who you choose as a sponsor is more important than which company you join. Don’t forget that.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, selling coffee via the network marketing business model can be a viable business opportunity. While it’s important to find a great company with great products, it’s much more important to find a successful distributor who can coach you and teach you the ropes. Ultimately, your success is determined by your ability to market and sell the product. Like any business venture, it takes time, money and an effective marketing strategy to succeed.

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