Marketing MLM leads with a MLM Funded Proposal

Marketing MLM Leads

What is the secret to marketing MLM leads? That’s a great question. In my opinion, everyone should have a specific strategy for marketing MLM leads. In other words, what exactly will you do to maximize your earnings potential from your leads? We will cover this in greater detail below.

What is a Lead?

First and foremost a MLM lead is someone who expresses interest in getting involved in network marketing. Your best type of lead is someone already involved in the multi-level marketing industry. Even better, someone already involved in multi-level marketing who contacts you about joining your business opportunity is the ideal lead. I write about this concept on other pages in this website, so I won’t go into too much detail here.

Why You Need a Funded Proposal

To maximize your return on investment, you need to use a MLM funded proposal when marketing MLM leads. In other words, you need a variety of products to promote to your leads, not just your business opportunity. Simply put, you need to create multiple streams of income. The best way to do this is with a MLM funded proposal.

I define a MLM funded proposal as a systematic way to pay for your lead generation and advertising costs. It’s the best way to succeed at marketing MLM leads. It consists of a series of email messages promoting different MLM affiliate programs. Think of it this way; take a standard triangle and turn it upside down, so that the big end is on top. The big end of your triangle is your starting point. This is where all your leads enter your MLM funded proposal.

How to Get Leads

You can get leads by purchasing leads from a lead company and uploading them into your auto-responder. You can also create leads yourself. In my opinion, it really doesn’t matter how you get your leads. What’s important is that you have qualified leads and an effective marketing campaign. For most people, purchasing MLM leads is the best way to get started because it’s easy to do and reasonably priced. And it’s easy to duplicate with your downline.

To get started, all you need is an email account and an auto-responder. You can get a good auto-responder for $15 to $30 per month. I recommend you find an auto-responder where you are allowed to import leads without having to send out a confirmation email. If you have to send out a confirmation message first, you will lose a huge portion of your leads because if they don’t respond to confirmation message they won’t be allowed to receive messages from you in the future.

What To Do with Your Leads

Once your leads enter your MLM funded proposal, they will automatically start to receive email messages from your auto-responder. An auto-responder allows you to upload pre-written messages that are emailed out automatically at a frequency you choose. I recommend you create 30-60 messages and send out one message per day to your leads. This is a key strategy for marketing MLM leads.

Each email message should provide valuable content and at the end of each message you should recommend a specific MLM affiliate product. The affiliate product should offer a solution to a problem identified in the message. For instance, you could write a message about “tips to effective sponsoring.” At the end of the email you could recommend an eBook about sponsoring that you earn a commission from.

When someone purchases the product from your unique affiliate link, you get a commission. It really is that simple. You can find affiliate products on ClickBank and on other websites by doing a simple search engine search for MLM affiliate products.As your leads start to receive your messages, some will purchase the products you recommend. Obviously, don’t expect everyone to purchase every product. Instead, expect a one to two percent response rate. That means that one email sent to 1,000 people should convert to ten to twenty sales. Please keep in mind that you results may vary depending upon your sales copy and writing skills.

Offering Your Business Opportunity

You can pitch your business opportunity whenever you want. I recommend you send 20-30 messages before you pitch your business opportunity. As an alternative, you can create an email signature in your auto-responder with a P.S. line. Your P.S. line can say something like “click here to learn more about my favorite way to make money online.” I’ve found that’s a great way to indirectly pitch your business opportunity to your leads. This is another key tip for marketing MLM leads.

The Goal of Your Funded Proposal

Remember, the ultimate goal of your MLM funded proposal isn’t to create new distributors. Instead, the purpose is to make money. Whether you do that from your affiliate products or business opportunity is completely irrelevant. As long as you make money every month, you should be happy. Even better, you will make money with multiple streams of income. That gives you leverage in case one income stream dries up.

What Happens with Your Leads?

As prospects work their way through your email messages, some will unsubscribe. That’s normal. In addition, some will become repeat customers and purchase several different MLM affiliate products. Normally, you can expect a five to ten percent unsubscribe rate. Also, some people will only open a couple of your emails and some won’t open any. It really is a numbers game. The more people you push through your MLM funded proposal, the better you will do.

By the time your leads get to the middle and bottom of your inverted triangle, you will have less total leads than you did in the beginning. And by the time they get to your 30-45th message, you will have even less. But that’s okay. The people that are left are the type of leads you want. Your goal is to get rid of the tire-kickers, opportunity seekers and people who waste your time, so you can find your diamonds in the rough.

Your Ultimate Goal

If you are successful, you will make money and produce distributors on the other end of your inverted triangle. For every 100 people who enter the top part of your inverted triangle, you might end up with 1-2 new distributors on the bottom end. Once again, your results will vary. That’s why you use a MLM funded proposal. You need a way to earn money off all the people who don’t join your MLM business opportunity.

If your funded proposal can offset or “zero out” your advertising costs, you can essentially advertise for free. That means you can expand your advertising and put thousands (or millions) of people into your MLM funded proposal and produce hundreds (or thousands) of new distributors on the back-end. It’s a great way for marketing MLM leads.


What I just described to you is what all the top internet marketers do. They all use their own MLM funded proposal when marketing MLM leads. This allows them to advertise for free while building their downline on auto-pilot. It’s the most effective way to succeed in MLM. If you are using a different approach for marketing MLM leads, I encourage you to start your own MLM funded proposal and watch the results. It will blow your mind.

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