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Kele & Co, herby referred to as Kele was started by sisters Kelly and Adrienne LeFevre and their mother, Leta Rae LeFevre. The company is currently based in Plainfield, Illinois. The LeFevres began recruiting independent sales representatives in all 50 states in 2008.

About the Company

Their specialty is .925 sterling silver jewelry made around the world and often adorned with genuine stones and other materials. They offer everything from necklaces and bracelets to toe rings. Their official website boasts high-quality affordable jewelry, with two thirds of the pieces priced under $60.00. Their online catalogue shows some very attractive pieces. From what I can tell, the products offer a real value to its customers.

The Business Model

Kele utilizes the direct sales business model to distribute its products. This distribution system relies on the services of independent sales Representatives, eliminating the need for a retail outlet. The company manufactures the products, keeps an inventory, processes orders, ships the products, handles customer issues, tracks commissions and pays its independent consultants. On the other hand, the consultants focus on finding new customers and merchandising the products.

Like any direct sales organization, their representatives are independent contractors who are in business for themselves, but not by themselves. They have the flexibility to make their own schedules and can earn as little or as much income as they would like. More importantly, they have the support of the company, whenever there is an issue or problem. Training is provided by the company and also by your personal sponsor or successful upline.

How it Works

The representatives contact and sell to individuals via face-to-face marketing. They do this via one-on-one presentations, at in-home parties and by sharing catalogues with others. They can also use email. I’ve found that the best way to sell products is to demonstrate the products for others. Therefore, the one-on-one presentation or in-home party is usually an effective way to merchandise the products and generate more sales.

How You Can Make Money

Representatives earn income in two different ways. First, they earn 30% to 50% commission from their own retail sales. This also provides immediate income. Second, they earn up to 8% percent commissions and overrides from the sales made by representatives they have recruited. There are also opportunities to earn free jewelry (inventory) in return for reaching party, sales, or recruiting goals. From what I found on the company’s website, there are no inventory requirements. There are also no sales or recruiting quotas. All is transparently outlined on the Kele & Co. website.

There is a $99 initial fee to purchase a starter kit and begin a career as a Kele & Co. representative. The company website stresses that it wishes to make it as easy as possible for new representatives to begin earning income, so they pick up the cost of many business expenses such as free marketing packets to potential recruits, webinars for training and recruiting, home party hostess benefits, collection and distribution of sales taxes.

The company also pays for centralized marketing and credit card transaction fees for its sales representatives. Another very valuable asset that the company provides its representatives with is an attractive, detailed and user friendly centralized company website to introduce potential customers to the product.

Tips for Success

Although most people join the company to supplement their income, others earn a full-time living with the company. The secret to success is to find a successful sponsor and join their downline. Once you do that, you need to immediately share the products and business opportunity with everyone you know. This includes friends, family-members, co-workers and acquaintances. As you build a large customer base of 100+ retail customers, you can then shift your efforts into recruiting new consultants. By combining these two money-making techniques, the sky is the limit with Kele.

Final Thoughts

I believe that Kele offers a great product and has a very nice compensation package for its representative not only in the form of commissions, but also in the forms of marketing and sales support. Kele & Co. is also community minded; 100% of the profits from their jewelry cleaning cloths are donated to charities such as the St. Jude’s Research Hospital, the American Diabetes Foundation, and others. We would recommend this business opportunity, but remind you that it will require your effort to be successful.

Please know that Kele & Co. is a registered trademark owned by the company. All information in this article was found through independent research. I am by no means affiliated with the company.

On a side note, please know this website is an online community. My goal is to provide helpful information to my readers. Therefore, I want to hear what you think about the company. If you are currently involved with Kele & Co. either as a company representative or a customer, I would love to hear your story. Please share your product testimonial or personal success story with the rest of our online community. Just scroll down a little bit on this page and type in your 150+ word message in the web-form. If your story is approved, it will be posted for the rest of the world to read and comment on.

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