How to Close MLM Prospects After Your Presentation

by Chuck

Many distributors are looking for effective ways to close their MLM prospects, after they give a business presentation. They’re looking for a catch or persuasive phrase they can use to convince people to join their business opportunity. Personally, I’ve never thought that you should try to sell or convince someone on your opportunity. Instead, you want people to join on their own free will. Besides, if you pressure someone to join your opportunity, they might join, but they will probably quit within a month or two. And what good is that?

I’ve found that the top earners sift and sort through people. They don’t try to pressure, sell or convince anyone. They present the opportunity to people. If the people want to join, they sign them up. If the person doesn’t want to join, they try to get them as a customer and/or get a referral from that person. And if they use a close, the best example I can give you is “What do you think?”

After you give the presentation, ask the person “what do you think?” After you ask that question, shut up. Sit there and don’t say a word. Wait for the person to respond. If they are excited and want to join, sign them up. If they don’t want anything to do with your opportunity, try to get them as a customer and/or get a referral.

And always keep the door open. Just because they tell you “NO” today doesn’t mean they won’t join your team a few years from now. So, write down their contact information and add it to your database. Ask the person if you can contact them again in 6-12 months. If possible, take the time to write them a thank you card, too. Always be a professional. Never be mad because they don’t join your team.

I’ve always believed that people have the right to their own opinion. And just because they don’t believe in your opportunity like you do, doesn’t mean you should harass them, make them feel bad, or give them a hard time. That’s one of the reasons our industry gets such as bad reputation, because so many distributors are unprofessional with their prospects.

In conclusion, if you’re trying to find out how to close your MLM prospect, just show them your presentation and then ask them “what do you think?” Make sure that you be quiet after you ask them that question and wait for them to answer. If they want to join, sign them up. If not, be professional, send them a written thank you card for their time, and go talk to your next prospect. I hope that helps.

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