Home Party Companies

Home Party Companies

What are the most popular home party companies? Fortunately, there are hundreds of direct sales companies that encourage their consultants to sell their goods and products via the party-plan. Some of the leading home party companies include:

Tupperware: A leading direct sales company that specializes in kitchen plastics and air tight containers.

Avon: This great company specializes in beauty products and skin care products to include makeup, lip stick, fragrances and more.

Mary Kay: Mary Kay is another leading skin care and beauty company. They offer similar products to Avon.

Cookie Lee: This is a wonderful company that specializes in fashion jewelry. They also offer sterling silver jewelry.

Usborne Books at Home: This great company specializes in books. This includes fiction, non-fiction and children’s books.

Pampered Chef: The Pampered Chef specializes in kitchen utensils and cookware. The products are typically sold at in-home parties. The person doing the presentation typically cooks a meal and educates customers about the products.

Wildtree Herbs: This awesome company specializes in food, spices and condiments, etc. This is perfect for the party plan.

Creative Memories: This wonderful company specializes in scrapbooking accessories. And it makes a wonderful business for the party plan.

These are just a few companies that come to mind. Please know there are hundreds of network marketing companies and direct selling companies with great products. I think you could build any direct sales business by using in-home parties.

Tips for Success

Your key to success is to evaluate the different home party companies and find one with products you are passionate about. You should also look for a product line with a good profit potential. That way, it is worth your time.

Once you find a good company to join, try to find someone who has achieved success with the party-plan for their business, and join their team. Even if they don’t live locally, you can get coaching through email and through the phone.

Your next step is to start hosting parties. Call up your friends and family and book some parties. Be consistent. You will make some mistakes in the beginning, but you will have this down in no time. If you want to shorten your learning curve, you can order a couple books about conducting party plans.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are many great home party companies out there. Your key to success is to find a reputable company with products you are passionate about. It’s much easier to sell products that you use and like yourself. Also, it helps to find products with a decent profit margin, so you can earn a decent income. Finally, you want to find a mentor who knows how to conduct in home parties, and join their team.

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