Guaranteed Residual Income

Guaranteed Residual Income

Is there such thing as guaranteed residual income? I don’t believe so. Although there are many different legitimate ways to earn a residual income, there are also many factors that can affect your income.

First and foremost, the most common ways to earn a residual income include storage units, investment properties, book royalties, insurance premiums, royalties for song writers and actors, network marketing, government pensions, affiliate marketing, etc. All of these methods have advantages and disadvantages, but do not have a guaranteed residual income.

For instance, if you own an investment property, you could earn a residual income as long as your tenant pays their rent each month. If they didn’t pay their rent, you could lose your residual income. Another thing that might affect your cash flow or residual income is an adjustment to your property taxes or a variable interest rate (that goes up).

Furthermore, if you are involved in network marketing, attrition will affect your residual income. As long as your sales volume goes up each month and you have new distributors coming into your business each month, you are okay. But if these things drop each month (over a period of time), you could lose some (or all) of your residual income.

And if you are book author, you would earn a residual income as long as your books keep selling. But please know that most book sales descend after the book has been out for a few months. If you’re not actively marketing your book, you won’t make money. And if you don’t keep writing new books, you are doomed for failure.

The only guaranteed residual income I can think of is a military or government pension. But even that has factors that can affect its value and payout. This could include the government going bankrupt, or a major change in government regulations. Although this is very unlikely, it is possible.

I think the key to success with residual income is to DIVERSIFY. If you have one solid income stream, you should use a portion of that income to buy or create other residual income streams. For instance, if you own one investment property that produces a residual income, you could take a portion of your profits and create another residual income stream by purchasing another property.

Personally, I’d rather have 10 residual income streams that generate $400 per month each, than one residual income stream that generates $4,000 per month.

As you can see, there is no real guaranteed residual income. Even if you create a residual income stream, you still have to do some work to keep the stream going. And there are still some factors that are out of your control. I still think this is much better than working a job.

In conclusion, there are few guarantees in life. And it’s even harder to find a guaranteed residual income. But don’t let that scare you off. It’s still very important to build passive income streams that can pay you forever. That way you have options and don’t have to work a job your entire life.

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