Georgetown Texas Amway Diamonds John and Julie Felix in Bill Britt Downline

by Chuck

John and Julie Felix are Amway Diamonds in the Britt World Wide line of sponsorship. They joined the Amway business in 1984. They learned about Amway from one of his former teachers. Prior to joining Amway, they owned one of the top 10 most successful dance studios in the United States. Their upline diamonds are John and Cathy Merris.

The couple built their business by working with friends and family. They also prospected strangers by utilizing the three-foot rule, advertising in local newspapers, and cold calling. As they sponsored new people into their Amway team, they helped them build a team. Over a period of time, they built a large organization with several thousand distributors. Their downline now has distributors in many different countries.

They participate in the Britt World Wide Amway Motivational Organization. The purpose of Britt World Wide is to train and motivate Amway Distributors within its line of sponsorship by providing books, tapes, seminars and business support materials. The income from Britt World Wide is shared amongst the successful Diamond and above level distributors.

Anyone who has attained the rank of Diamond in Amway obviously has exceptional sales, marketing, leadership and recruiting skills. Although I have never met this couple personally, I have read many great things about them. I'm not sure if they are still actively "building their business" and "speaking at events" but I would love to find out.

If you have ever worked with Georgetown, Texas Amway Diamonds John and Julie Felix personally, I would love to hear from you. Please tell us how you met them, when you worked with them, whether you were personally sponsored by them or in their downline, and about your overall Amway experience. Just leave a comment to this post to share your story. I look forward to hearing from you.

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