Emmert and Elsie Rasmussen Shaklee Master Coordinators www.DecideHealthyLLC.com

by Chuck

Emmert and Elsie Rasmussen are Shaklee Master Coordinators. I learned about the couple this morning when I saw an advertisement in Google AdWords® for DecideHealthyLLC.com, which is their personal website.

I enjoyed visiting their website and learning about their Shaklee story. What impressed me the most about this couple is that they have been with the same company for 39 years. That’s very impressive and almost unheard of these days.

They attended their first Shaklee business presentation almost 40 years ago. Since then, they’ve achieved phenomenal success with the company, earning a six figure income for many years.

Their website is designed to promote their Shaklee business, attract more customers, sell the products and sponsor new distributors. Their website is real simple to navigate, well organized and to the point.

From what I can tell, Shaklee Master Coordinators Emmert and Elsie Rasmussen really have their act together. If you are thinking about joining Shaklee, you should visit their website and learn more about them.

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