Dave Savula Prepaid Legal Platinum 12 Executive Director

by Chuck

Dave Savula is a Platinum 12 Executive Director with Prepaid Legal Services. He is originally from Ohio. He was the first Million Dollar earner with the company.

He built his Prepaid Legal business by calling people that he knew, and asking them to sit down with him for 15 minutes to see something they might be interested in. Once he sponsored new people, he helped them achieve success. To date, his downline has written more than 1.7 million memberships.

Prepaid Legal is a network marketing company that specializes in legal services for middle-class America. It has been in business for approximately 50 years.

In conclusion, Dave Savula is a very successful network marketer who understands how to build a large sales organization. He is a true credit to the network marketing industry. If you have ever worked with him personally, please share your story with the rest of our online community. Thanks.

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