Business Guaranteed Home MLM Success: The 4 Critical Success Factors in a Home Business

by Chuck

Why do so many people search for the term business guaranteed home MLM success? I think people are looking for a business opportunity where they are guaranteed to succeed. Is that possible? No.

As an entrepreneur, you have no guarantee of success. By definition, you are a risk taker. More importantly, people can succeed or fail with any company or business opportunity. The business itself is only one small part of the equation.

Your success or failure in any home business or MLM business (or traditional business) boils down to:

1. Marketing: Marketing is the key ingredient to success for any business. Most inexperienced entrepreneurs and network marketers think the products will sell themselves. They think their product is the key ingredient to success. Guess what? Products don’t sell themselves. And your product isn’t your most important thing. Instead “how you will market your product” is the most important thing. Before you start any business or join someone’s downline, you need a marketing plan. In other words, how will you sell your product to your target market? Most people put zero thought into this before they start a business.

2. Work Ethic: Let’s face it, most people are naturally lazy. They want to get big results with little sacrifice. My response is always “get real.” Entrepreneurs naturally work harder and longer hours than most employees. If you want lasting success, you must work hard and work smart. And don’t expect overnight success either.

3. Strategy: All businesses require strategy. This boils down to transforming your vision into goals, and then developing an action plan to accomplish your goals. You should develop a strategy, before you start your business. You can learn about business strategy from a mentor, or by reading business books.

4. Perseverance: Rome wasn’t built in a day. Most people who get involved in the network marketing industry are financially destitute or need money today. Simply put, they’re financially desperate. And for some reason, they think of this business like a “payday loan” that will provide an immediate solution to their financial problems. And they end up quitting within 2-3 months. If you want MLM Success, you need to preserve. At a minimum, it takes most top earners 5-10 years of part-time effort to build a six figure income. Don’t kid yourself and think this is a get rich quick industry.

These four components will ultimately determine your success or failure in network marketing

On a side note, there is no guarantee of success an employee either. You have little control over your boss, your company or the economy. You could wake up tomorrow and not have a job. If you think you have job security, you are only kidding yourself.

In my opinion, everyone needs a plan B. Everyone should have a side business that supplements their income and eventually replaces their income. By following the four steps mentioned above, you can potentially succeed in any type of business, to include network marketing.

In conclusion, the term business guaranteed home MLM success is a common search term by people looking for a business they are “guaranteed to succeed” in. Sadly, most of these people don’t realize that you can succeed or fail in any company, or type of business. Ultimately, your success boils down to the four things I mentioned above: marketing, work ethic, strategy, and perseverance.

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