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Blog MLM

What is blog MLM? And how does it work? I describe blog MLM as the process of using blogging to build your network marketing business. At the time of this writing, blogging is definitely an industry trend. Lots of network marketers have their own MLM Blog to promote themselves, and their business opportunity.

While I think blogging is a good idea, I think that most bloggers don’t achieve very good results. I credit that to stiff competition and a poor game-plan. You see, most people think they can just create a blog today and achieve success tomorrow. So they create their own blog (that looks just like everyone else’s blog) and post a few articles. Unfortunately, they don’t get any visitors to their blog and don’t make any money. As a result, they stop blogging.

And that is the number one problem in our industry: SHORT TERM THINKING. I’ve found that the most successful blog MLM gurus do things differently than most bloggers. First of all, they understand a few key points.

1) It takes time to get indexed by the search engines and get free traffic

When you create a blog post, your RSS feed is sent to the search engines. As a result, the search engines will send their “spiders” to your blog to read and evaluate your content. Once it does this, it will index your blog post and rank it. If you have written a quality article and have optimized your page properly, your blog post will rank in the search results. But don’t expect it to get on the first page of Google overnight. This could take a couple weeks, a couple months, or even a couple years, depending upon your keywords, the quality of your blog post, and the competition. Just know that if you pick the right keywords and write good content, your blog post will rank high with Google, eventually!

2) Keyword research is critical to your success

Amateur bloggers write decent blog posts. But the most successful bloggers write good blog posts geared around specific keywords with high demand and little competition. In other words, they research keywords BEFORE they write a blog post. They understand which words they can “win” and which words they can’t. They do lots of keyword research to find hundreds (or thousands) of words with reasonable demand and little competition. As a result, their blog posts will rank higher in the search engines, in less time. For instance, you have a better chance of winning “MLM Training Tips” than you do “MLM Training.” Never forget this blog MLM tip.

3) You need to find creative ways to be different than everyone else

If you look at most network marketing blogs, they are practically identical. The blogs look alike. So do the articles. And they promote the same affiliate products and MLM Companies. If you want to be successful, you need to be different than everyone else. That means you need your own unique style and tone of voice. You need to develop your own “unique selling proposition” which tells people why they should do business with you, rather than your competitors.

4) You need to create lots of content and you need to create content every day

Content is king. If you do your keyword research properly and write lots of content geared around these keywords, you will ultimately succeed. The blogs with the most amount of quality content, geared around quality keywords, get the most FREE search engine traffic. So, if you are wondering why your blog isn’t getting enough traffic, I would encourage you to keep creating content. Obviously, a blog with THOUSANDS of pages of content will get more traffic than a blog with hundreds of pages of content (assuming they both did proper keyword research first).

5) Don’t expect instant results

This should be common sense, but success doesn’t happen overnight. Don’t think you will build a successful blog in a month, six months or even a year. You could, but the odds are against you. Instead, you need to think long-term, but do something every day. If you wrote one blog post a day for three years, you would have more than 1,000 pages of content.

Personally, I think that’s impressive. And that would generate lots of traffic, if you selected the right keywords. But don’t expect to get instant results. Think of your blog a business asset or a CD in the bank that builds up over time. Just knowing these five success tips will separate you from most of your competition.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, blog MLM is the process of using blogging to build your network marketing business. If you are serious about network marketing, you need your own blog. But don’t just “start a blog” without doing your homework first. Instead, develop a game-plan, research your keywords, and then take consistent daily activity and create a new blog post every day. As you do this, don’t expect instant results. Instead, think long-term and think of your blog as a business asset that increases in value over time.

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