Best MLM Training

Best MLM Training

What is the best MLM training advice I can give you? After nine years in this industry, I’ve made plenty of mistakes. Fortunately, I’ve done a few things right too. Listed below are my top five best training tips I can give you. They are listed in no particular order.

1) Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket: This is the best MLM training tip I can give any network marketer. If you only have one source of income (your MLM Company) you are doomed for failure. That’s because a network marketing business isn’t a real business in and of itself. You don’t own the downline. You don’t own the products. You don’t own the trademarks. And your company can terminate you for any reason they want.

Therefore, I believe it’s better to look at your MLM Company as one aspect of your business, not your business itself. Your goal is to follow the You, Inc. business model taught by Mike Dillard. This means that you are the business, not your MLM Company.

2) Multiple Streams of Income: I learned this concept from one of my favorite authors, Robert Allen. All business owners need multiple streams of income. This prevents you from having all your eggs in one basket. At a minimum, you should have your own website or blog, several different affiliate programs, Google AdSense, your primary network marketing company and a few other income streams. I have 10+ income streams for my network marketing business. Each stream produces a little bit of income each month, which adds up to a decent amount. Never forget this best MLM training tip!

3) Think Long Term: I added this training tip in because I think it is important. So many people join our industry hoping to get rich quick. And when that doesn’t happen, they quit 90 days later. I’ve learned that all legitimate businesses take time to grow and develop. To succeed in this industry, you need to be business minded. You need to think long term, but take action every day. Most top earners take 5-10 years (minimum) to get to that level. And most six figure income earners stay with the same company for a long period of time. In other words, they don’t change companies every few months or every year.

If you are looking to get rich quick, you should visit your local casino. And if you are in desperate need of money now, you should get a part-time job or work over-time. Building a real business takes time.

4) Get a Mentor: Everyone needs a mentor. Whenever you study the greatest entrepreneurs you will find that they had someone who taught them the ropes. My mentors include Mike Dillard, Ken Envoy, Robert Allen, Robert Kiyosaki and several other successful entrepreneurs. And I’ve never met any of these people personally. But I do study their books, courses, videos, seminars and training materials.

If possible, look for a mentor in your upline. If you can’t find anyone, look elsewhere. But whatever you do, find a mentor. Find someone who has achieved success and seek their counsel. It will be the single best business decision you will ever make. One great way to do this is to read business and self-help books. If you are serious about your MLM business, you will apply this best MLM training tip ASAP!

5) Form New Habits: Your habits determine your success in life. You are where you are right now because of your habits. If you want to change, or achieve better results, you need to change your habits. Two of the best habits you can develop are reading and discipline. I credit all of my success to discipline. I define discipline as doing the things you need to do, even when you don’t want to do it. That means you need to work your business every day, even if you are tired. You need to eliminate excuses and start taking action.

The other winning habit is reading. You must commit to reading at least 20 minutes every day. You need to study successful network marketers and entrepreneurs. You need to study sales, marketing, leadership, communication and relationship books. If you hate reading, do it anyway. Stop making excuses and start making things happen.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the five tips mentioned above are the best MLM training tips I can give you. If you want to succeed in this industry, you can’t put all your eggs in one basket. You need to generate multiple streams of income. You also need to think long term, find a mentor, and develop new habits. By doing so, the sky is the limit.

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