Amway Double Crown FAA 70 Barry Chi and Holly Chen & the PLUM Blossom Organization

by Chuck

Barry Chi & Holly Chen are legends in the Amway business and head of the PLUM Blossom organization. They are from Taiwan and joined Amway in 1982. They are the second Double Crown Ambassadors in the world. As of 2003, they had 47 Platinum legs. In 2009, they were the first Amway distributors to reach 70 FAA points. Wow.

They built their Amway business the old-fashioned way. They share the Amway products and business opportunity with friend, family members and colleagues through one-on-one presentations and in-home meetings.

Their business spans the globe. It currently does business in Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the United States and New Zealand. Their group has over 20 Crown Ambassadors and 2,000 Diamonds. In addition, their organization has several hundred thousand Amway distributors throughout the world.

They are founders of the PLUM Blossom line of sponsorship, which provides training and motivation for Amway Distributors within their direct line of sponsorship. The PLUM Blossom provides books, tapes, seminars and other business support materials to help people grow their Amway business.

Their upline Diamond is Dennis and Kaye Beecher. They are a true network marketing success story. If you have ever worked with personally, I would love to hear your story. Just leave a comment to this post. Thanks.

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Dec 01, 2013
by: Howard

Not true. The Diamond, Jim and Lisa Hsieh, foster sponsors Chi/Chen in California and is downline from Mel and Bea Bhenke, Pat Shay, then Williams. Sunny Hsieh joined Amway several years after Chi/Chen.

Mar 01, 2013
by: Anonymous

A Crown recently told me Barry was sponsored by Sunny Hsieh who is sponsored by a California Diamond with the same last name who is downline from Dan Williams and Pat Shay. This Crown is upline. Where did you get your information from?

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